European Institute on Lifelong Learning: Filling the gaps

Research by the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) found that currently, there is no general data avai­lable on lifelong learning implementation within the context of the European active welfare.

With the Feasibility Study on a «European Institute on Lifelong Learning (EILL)», EUCIS-LLL aims to fill this gap by looking at the sustainability of lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning encompasses different areas of living such as relating to others, self-fulfilment, economy and work. However EUCIS-LLL believes that several points are underrepresented in the overall lifelong learning debate: the support that learning offers to the informed, conscious and discri­minating choices that underpin democracy or the effects that informal learning might have on developing human identity and potential. As a result, EUCIS-LLL underlines in this study, that the implementation of lifelong learning in Europe is a great challenge aiming at the impro­vement of the whole society and a complex process that is worth caring about for the empowerment of EU citizens. There exists a general believe that lifelong learning can be a tool for empowering people through the endowment of knowledge, skills and competencies. (Font: Infonet, Ricarda Motschilnig)